Friday, February 25, 2011

First "glitch"

I had my first glitch while I was grading student papers. I realized that just viewing the papers changed the format. But I thought that downloading the papers would display them as they actually were. So I took some formatting points off on students papers that I thought were formatted wrong. But I should have taken the time to open them on a pc. They were actually correct which means I had to listen to complaints about taking points off inappropriately. UGH.

Monday, February 14, 2011

IPad First Musings

Well, my first impression of the IPad, very cool. It is a big Iphone, without the phone. I wish it had a camera, that would make it more versatile. It seems to me to be a great vehicle for the social media aspects of the web...checking Facebook, Twitter, reading blogs. I find it hard to blog with it because it is very hard to type with it. And I am going to try to use it for communicating with my students, grading papers, etc.

It does have a sweet sound system though :).